Background Articles

Want to know more about the issues that make your privacy so important? We've collected here some interesting articles and web pages that give you all the background to Verifier.

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Doc Searls Weblog

A Blog By Doc Searle, the Expert on Internet Privacy

Tracking is no less an invasion of privacy in apps and browsers than it is in homes, cars, purses, pants and wallets.

Privacy By Design

A Wikipedia Article

Privacy by Design is an approach to systems engineering which takes privacy into account throughout the whole engineering process. The concept is an example of value sensitive design, i.e., to take human values into account in a well-defined manner throughout the whole process and may have been derived from this.


VRM Tools

Harvard University Article

VRM tools provide customers — that's all of us — with ways to operate with full agency in the marketplace. This includes the ability to assert intentions in ways that can be understood and respected, while still protecting personal privacy. It includes ways to bear bear our own side of the relationship burden, and to have the same kind of scale across many vendors as vendors have across many customers. (An example of scale: being able to change one's address, phone number or last name, for every vendor with which a customer deals, in one move.)


Personal Data

The Emergence of a New Data Class (World Economic Forum)

We are moving towards a “Web of the world” in which mobile communications, social technologies and sensors are connecting people, the Internet and the physical world into one interconnected network.1 Data records are collected on who we are, who we know, where we are, where we have been and where we plan to go. Mining and analysing this data give us the ability to understand and even predict where humans focus their attention and activity at the individual, group and global level.

Open Banking

Response to the Open Banking in Australia – Issues Paper – August 2017

This is our response to the Open Banking Review Secretariat's Issues Paper.

YBF Ventures.png


What banks can learn from Uber. A video of Lisa Schutz at the YBF Ventures conference.