The Verifier Expenses Workshops

Is There a Better Way?


Responsible Lending is a minefield and expenses are a major factor driving the operational costs, time to yes and the conversion rate for any type of loan.

  • Accelerate Your Responsible Lending Policy Upgrade

  • Generate Insights into Expenses

  • Leverage the Innovation of the Verifier Expense Framework Initiative

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Recent events in the regulatory landscape such as ASIC’s enforcement actions, the Hayne Royal Commission, proposed laws under open banking and ASIC’s revision of its regulatory guidance, point to credit licensees being required to meet higher regulatory expectations in verifying expenses. There is much more to come and staying with your business-as-usual policies is not an option.

Verifier’s work in this area highlighted significant practical challenges for credit licensees if higher regulatory expectations become the norm. Shaping those expectations can only be done with data-driven evidence to examine whether a higher level of enquiry and verification of expenses is necessary to meet the policy goal of responsible lending - ‘avoiding harm’.

To address this, we ran two lender workshops in early 2019, using design thinking to re-imagine the onboarding journey based on the NCCP and the goals of efficient, effective application processing.

As an outcome of the workshops, a detailed document was produced and made available to workshop participants. Distribution was limited to workshop participants and is not available for separate purchase.

Lender feedback was that sharing knowledge in a case study format through the workshops was invaluable and triggered valuable insights they could build into their business practices immediately.

Run an Internal Workshop

Given the enormous success of the first two workshops and the outcomes, a number of lenders asked us to make the workshops available inhouse.

We are very happy to replicate the workshops for up to twenty people on your site using the same processes and methodologies as the original workshops. All participants will have access the unpublished data from the original workshops.

The cost of a workshop is reasonable.

The cost of not doing it is immeasurable.

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