Verifier is a new way for people to get their data working for them – and your organisation!

As a data source for Verifier – you are helping people whose data you hold, use it when they need to (and meet your Privacy Act obligations).

If you are a data source and a consumer wants to access their data, we will send their personal details to you (on their behalf) via the API connection we build together. You then confirm their details and if they match, you send the agreed information back to Verifier.

We then pass it to the data requesting organisation for the purposes of income verification. This helps them get their loan faster (as long as they meet the lending criteria) or they might speed up a tenancy application and you have made their life easier.

They might be able to help you at the same time - you might have questions you would like answered. Would you like updated contact details using the data they have put on their application ? Verifier enables that. If you get updated data in this way you become a data distributor/receiver.

Watch our quick video below to see how it works.


Verifier – a new way to retrieve data and one that is 100% compliant with the Privacy Act.

It is privacy by design.