Putting you in the driver’s seat is important to us

Thank you for using Verifier, provided by Verifier Australia Pty Ltd (us/we).  

Verifier is a tool which enables you to provide incomeand other personal information to a lender (for verification purposes) when you apply for credit.   

When you use Verifier, we are acting as your agent when we collect and disclose your information as directed by you.  

In other words, you are always in control.

Verifier makes a secure connection to the lender.   With your express consent, we collect your income and other personal information and disclose it to the lender, as directed by you.

We will not disclose your personal information to anyone else unless you expressly direct us to.


We may collect your personal information:

  1. from a lender who gives us identifying information about you to enable you to use Verifier, and other information about you that the lender seeks to verify,
  2. directly from you, when you give us information or upload documents to Verifier,
  3. fr om other organisations who hold personal information about you (other data sources), when:
  • we test which other data sources may hold your personal information (so that we can offer you a tailored set of proof of income options that include those other data sources that are likely to hold your personal information), 
  • yo u use Verifier to make a request for access to your personal information that they hold (to help you verify information you have provided to a lender) , and

4. internally (from our systems) by generating data about your use of Verifier (activity logs).

We collect your personal information for the purpose of disclosing it to a lender, as directed by you.   

Sometimes, when using Verifier, you may find that your personal information held by other data sources is out-of-date.  If so, we will provide updated information to the other data sources, if your direct us to. 

If we do not collect your personal information, you will not be able to use Verifier.


On your behalf and at your direction, we may disclose your personal information:

  1. to a lender when directed by you to do so, and
  2. to other data sources,:
  • to test which other data sources may hold your personal information
  • when you use Verifier to make a request for access to your personal information that they hold.

With your express consent and at your direction, we may also disclose activity logs to the relevant lender, which will include details about your activity during yourVerifier session, such as information aboutany other data sources you accessed (or tried to access but failed to do so).  If you consent, we may disclose these activity logs to that lender, whether or not you actually submitted income verification information to that lender.


We do not store your income information after we have provided it to a lender.  We will delete your income information from our systems immediately we receive confirmation from a lender that it has received the information you have directed us to provide to that lender. 

However, we do store other personal information needed to identity you and your activity on Verifier), unless you expressly request us not to.  

Unless you tell us to delete this information, we will keep your identifying details (such as name, date of birth and address), the details or your Verifier sessions (in other words your activity logs) and the details you may need at a later date to connect again to the other data source (such as the details you must provide to the other data source to satisfy it that you are who you claim to be).


We may use activity information to diagnose and resolve any problems in Verifier and to improve the usability and the user experience of Verifier.  We do will not use your personal information for any other purpose

Other important things

We do not disclose your information to anyone who is not located in Australia. Our privacy policy contains information about how you may access and seek the correction of personal information we hold about you.  It also contains information about how you can make a privacy complaint, and how we will deal with a complaint. 

You may view our privacy policy here. You may contact us at [privacy@verifier.me]. 

By clicking on ‘Accept’ below you:

  1. agree that we may collect your personal information from lenders and other data sources (as detailed above);
  2. agree that we may, on your behalf and as directed by you, disclose your personal information to lenders and other data sources (as detailed above); 
  3. agree that we may store your personal information (as detailed above), unless you tell us not to; and
  4. agree not to use Verifier for any purpose other than to facilitate verification of your income in connection with a credit application you have made to a lender.