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Putting People at the Heart of Responsible Lending

Verifier delivers high quality, evidence-based, consumer-centric outcomes without data distraction.

Our goal is giving consumers the choice to use their personal data to prove their income online - sharing their data for better outcomes.

Verifier's evolving toolkit for affordability assessment is evidence-based, leveraging Verifier’s globally leading consumer data sharing platform and the ground-breaking, design work of the Expense Verification Framework Initiative.


Verifier offers three products to provide its consumer-friendly service:

Income Verification

Expense Verification

Safe Loan

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What is verifier?

You are the centre of your world. You should control your data completely.

Verifier quickly and independently verifies income for consumers applying for loans, credit, rentals and more.

Verifier provides you and your potential lender or real estate agent with a way to verify your employment and income effectively, efficiently and - most importantly - privately.

SHARING information

Easily and securely

Verifier provides you with an easier, efficient and secure way to verify your employment and income.

Verifier gives you the power to control the information you share.

Features Overview

With Verifier, your application process occurs exactly as it always has up until the point where you are asked to manually submit proof of income. Instead, you are given the option of using Verifier. If you agree, you are passed to the secure Verifier environment where you can collect your proof of income and, then add that to your assessment of expenses (leveraging Verifier’s Expense Verification Framework Initiative).  Privacy-by-design, guaranteed.


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All PAYG employees have a superannuation account and payroll data.


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Verifier is radically different. Verifier solves income verification in your application without requiring annoying uploads or downloads or forcing consumers to use screen-scraping.

 It’s completely frictionless!

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Verifier is ISO27001 certified. It never asks applicants to share their password. No personally identifiable data is retained.