Whitepapers and Submissions

Here are some formal submissions and Whitepapers we have developed. This will give you insight into our thinking.


Submission to the Productivity Commission

By Lisa Schutz, CEO, Verifier

This submission draws extensively on a paper presented at the Australian Centre for Financial Studies, 21st Melbourne Money and Finance Conference – 18-19 July 2016 “Fintech and Financial Innovation” conference.



By Lisa Schutz, CEO, Verifier

A follow up submission to do two things – firstly, to provide specific information to assist the Commission and secondly to reflect on the overall goal of assisting Australia economically through better data availability and use and suggest some perspectives on governance which might assist. 


Responsible Lending, Automated. Better Outcomes For Everyone

Whitepaper on Expense Verification

Having weathered the global financial crisis relatively unscathed, the australian credit industry finds itself under pressure to get its house in order with regard to responsible lending. This Whitepaper comes from the findings of the Expenses Verification Framework Initiative.


Responsible Lending, Automated. Towards a Consumer-Centric Operational Approach

Second Whitepaper on Expense Verification

The major focus of this White Paper is how expense verification should be conducted during the application process. This mirrors the focus of the Expense Verification Framework Initiative to date.