We want you safe, comfortable and smiling.

Philosophically – it’s about data sovereignty

We believe that people’s data is the online part of themselves and that society has yet to develop sufficient etiquette about sharing aspects of ourselves online. In the physical world we wear clothes when we go out into the world (usually!) and when we are done we retreat into our homes.

At Verifier, we are creating a way for you to share aspects of your self online (like your income) in the way you want to share. When you want to share. So you feel comfortable online, never feel a transaction is creepy, and by feeling safe to share selectively, we hope to get you better deals and better customer experiences that make you smile.

Privacy – It’s YOUR data.

Our goal at Verifier is to put YOU in the driver’s seat where your data is concerned. We are your place to access, collate and review material and then use it to make life simpler (and more rewarding). We are built on privacy-by-design principles - which means our product is built to give you full control of your data.

Security – Keeping YOU safe.

We don’t ask you to share passwords for other organisations EVER. You get access to your data by telling them the sort of things you would when you call up the contact centre. We use the Secure Courier method of data access, which means when we contact a data source on your behalf they know it’s us, and will only give us the very specific information you are asking for.

We know we have succeeded if when you are using us you are:

  • Confident – We want you able to do more online while feeling comfortable that you are in control.

  • Smiling – Yes. We really do want to make YOU happy. We are looking for ways to help you share more with your service providers so you get better deals and better service. We are starting by getting you a quicker loan answer…but that’s not the end of our story.

Want a reminder of the fine print?

If you skimmed our on-screen disclaimer - maybe it's worth a moment on reflection on why you did that. We think our privacy terms are worth a read because we really care about keeping you in control of your data. Understanding how we put privacy at the heart of how we do things might help you demand more from all the organisations you deal with. If you have ANY questions or want to know more - contact us at privacy@verifier.me.

Or if you want read all our terms and conditions, click here.